With Great Gratitude I Share What Clients Are Saying: Heart of Fingers

“The thing I love about Jewels is she is not just a business coach. She really looks at the whole person because if you are an entrepreneur you are your business.”  ~ Gail K, Send Out Cards.

“Employing Jewels Marshon as a personal (marketing) coach is the best investment I’ve made in years.” ~ Jim T, massage therapist and educator

“Jewels has a true gift and her abilities to help me reach ‘beyond’ was like finally giving me the owner’s manual to my life….it was so revealing to actually realize ‘what was what’ in my life. I encourage anyone who really wants to understand their life to connect with Jewels!” ~ Brenda P, RN and CEO, E Factor Radio and Network

“Really nice to have Jewels’ intuition and input in what I was doing. It just took a small shift in my thinking to really get my biz in gear. It has been producing amazing results. I love Jewels and recommend her to anybody.” ~ Kelly, consultant, Rodan and Fields

“Jewels gave me a fantastic sense of things I had never connected and had not imagined possible! What a profound experience! I loved it and want anyone who is seeking clarity and healing to experience Jewels and her beautiful gift.” Suzanne Strisower ~ CEO, Wake Up Women

“I chose Jewels because I knew she would work with me as a whole person. She pushes me past my comfort zone. This has really helped me go beyond what I had been doing in previous years and has helped me be more successful.” ~ Elayne O.,consultant, Pampered Chef.

“When I looked for a business coach to work with me through some challenging circumstances, Jewels Marshon was the perfect choice. Her additional background and training as a professional life coach, along with her considerable skills in energy medicine, hypnotherapy and holistic healthcare gave her a unique combination of abilities that was extremely effective for me. I experienced her insights and intuition as being right on target, and she was great fun to work with!“ ~ Steve C, Entrepreneur

“Jewels have been instrumental in helping bring into focus the direction in which I’d like to see my business grow. Her expertise and wise counsel has enabled me to create a map of how to get from here to there. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone for any aspect of their business. Her natural ability and insight as a coach and business consultant is obvious in our sessions.” ~ Spencer T, owner, Spencer’s’ Studio

“In a short amount of time, Jewels has helped me find a direction in which to manifest my goals and has encouraged me to discover new pathways that I couldn’t see before. Our sessions have enabled me to create a foundation of confidence, enthusiasm motivation and creativity.” ~ Alison M, director The Rose Garden

“As my coach Jewels Marshon has made a positive impact on the balance I now feel in my life. Her ability to deeply listen has given me the custom attention that my unique lifestyle has needed for a long time.” ~ Rev. Timothy Dobson, Founder Dances of Universal Peace, Boulder

“You have given me so many pearls to look at that I did not have before” ~ B.Weber, Real Estate Agent/Direct Marketing.

“I was really stuck in a rut and you got me unstuck. I was spinning my wheels in my head and getting nowhere but dizzy. With your help I was able to bracket the mind long enough to check in with my heart and gut. Now I am moving in a direction I feel good about. With my gut, heart and head working together now, I am confident things will work out.” ~ Steve D, president, IQ Imaging