Promote your business with our network!

Utilize the power of Leveraging Broadcast Media to expand your brand, grow your profits and broaden your sphere of influence:

  • Get Interviewed on Radio!
  • Get Interviewed on TV!
  • Sponsor shows within our network
  • Banner Ad Placement – reach your market and get exposure even if you are not broadcasting!
  • Telesummit placement
  • Online magazine interviews – even more exposure
  • Production of radio and tv commercials

The Planet Shifters Network together with our Network Associates has assembled a vast array of Broadcasters wanting to interview you.  Your opportunities as a featured guest will unquestionably be a game-changer, propel you to the next level, and get you recognized as the expert in your field!  Interviews ranging from Internet radio to cable TV.


“We want to see the world through your eyes and understand the inspiration behind your business, current marketing, business challenges, and future expectations.  Together we will create the best passageway to the fulfillment of your business goals and divine purpose.”

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