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April & Ajay Matta

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Spiritually Raw TV
"Where Spirits Meet Skeptics and Consciousness Connects"
We expose and explore controversial truths, myths, theories, and religious dogma surrounding the spirit world.

Genre: A category all its own… Spirituality with Sex Appeal, Excitement, and Entertainment!

~Spiritually Raw TV intends to bridge the gap between believers and non-believers in an environment to share their differences as well as their similarities, reaching the world through expressions of love and tolerance to all around the globe.

~Spiritually Raw is a philosophy of acceptance, peace, and enlightenment among all belief systems and races around the world. Our rapid success comes from an understanding that there is a sprinkle of truth within every viewpoint and one’s own truth in each message.

~Embracing this way of life allows you to be spiritually liberated and draws together a collective consciousness of beautiful minds desiring to harness “source power” and co-create the vision set forth by their soul’s journey. This mind set inspires creativity, longevity, and prosperity.

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Inspirational / Motivational


Spiritually Raw is led by creative entrepreneurs April & Ajay Matta, President & CEO of the Spiritually Raw Organization, which includes: – Spiritually Raw TV, Spiritually Raw Broadcasting Network, and Spiritually Raw Consulting.

~Authors of Spiritually Raw SECRETS to the Grand-Slam Interview “Hit It Out Of the Ball Park Every Time”, and Spiritually Raw SECRETS to your Own Blockbuster Radio Show “A-Z Formula For Success”.

~Ajay and April Matta are influential leaders who serve with excellence and integrity. Together they are a dynamic powerhouse of progressive brain power touching the lives of many. Their groundbreaking approach of mystical strategies and energy inspire just the right clients for your business, creating longevity, prosperity, and success!

~Ajay was born into eastern philosophies and raised with western ideologies, providing the perfect cocktail for blending his evolved intuition with tenacious leadership and business skills. With his high level of optimism and self confidence he is a renowned charismatic leader and highly sought out business executive, entrepreneur, and Internet television and radio personality.

~April is an independent business woman and entrepreneur with an extensive sales and marketing background. She utilizes a dynamic approach of blending divine intuition with innovative style that places you on the fast track to success. With her direct communication and results oriented technique, she brings together the perfect essence of feminine energy that all businesses need to thrive. Spiritually Raw’s philosophy of acceptance, peace, tolerance, and enlightenment is credited for their rapid success along with embracing the belief that there is a sprinkling of truth within every viewpoint, and one’s own truth in each message.

“Together we’ll turn the universal key to global harmony and create a unified world.”

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