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Marketing Consulting and Business Development

In order to stand out in the crowd effective Business and Marketing Strategy are VITAL to attracting your ideal customer, being recognized as an Expert in your industry and growing your Profits into Six and Seven figures. Receive one-on-one consulting, coaching, education, support and training.

  • Define Your Brand, Products and Services so they stand out in crowd
  • Fine Your Target Markets – know exactly who they are
  • Create an effective marketing message designed to reach your target audience
  • The ‘Art of Delivering’ your message to fill your ‘Calendar” with qualified prospects
  • Identify Your Top Three Marketing Strategies to Increase Your Prospects and Customers Fast
  • Convert more prospects into customers
  • Develop the ‘right business model’ to Boost your profits
  • Get Your Financial Structure Right to Earn Six Figures
  • Monetize Your Service and Product Revenue Streams
  • Fast and Successful ways to build your List and reach more people
  • Master Your Internal Factors that Impact Success, Inspiration and Motivation
  • Clarify and Set Effective Goals
  • Create an environment where people are contacting you to buy your products and services
  • Social Media Marketing and Branding
  • How to Host Your Own Broadcast Show or Network. Set up, development and professional coaching to expand your sphere of influence.

Internet, Website and Design Services:

On and Off Line Brand Identity linked with Social Media forums are Keys to effectively growing your business.

  • Website Design or Redesign
  • Award Winning Logo Brand Design
  • Banner and Ad Designs
  • Business Card Design
  • Initial Site Setup
  • Social Media Community Setup
  • Custom Website Apps
  • PayPal Integration
  • Share on Facebook / Twitter Buttons
  • Design and Set-up Facebook Fan Page
  • SEO
  • Landing Page Design and Set up

Leverage Being a Host or Guest on Radio and TV Shows online to Increase Your Attraction Factor

Hosting your own broadcast show is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to stand out  and become known as an expert in your field.  Or starting out as a Guest Interviewee on existing shows will begin to build recognition for your business.  We help you be prepared in advance with a dynamic and engaging presentation as the KEY element in hitting your interview out of the ball park. This training is perfect for any conscious business owners wanting their message to be seen and heard by a larger audience.

The more exposure you receive via multiple networks the more potential there is for profitability. It’s the marketing law of averages! Broadcasting is especially effective for Speakers, Coaches, Authors, Trainers, Women Owned businesses, Emerging Businesses, Organizations, Communities, Wellness Practitioners, Personal Development Trainers, Intuitive Arts Professionals, Financial Advisors, Real Estate Brokers, Beauty Consultants, Advocates, and Green/Energy Businesses, Products and Services. We are here to help you grow!

  • Host your own radio show
  • Be recognized as an Expert / Celebrity!
  • Get paid sponsors
  • Ask for and receive referrals and build a testimonial list.
  • Develop into a recurring guest on multiple radio and TV shows
  • Be media ready upon a moment’s notice.
  • Showcase your personality and share with the audience why you are a credible and entertaining source of information.

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